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Penis? Or Not Penis? That is the question. PDF Print E-mail
Topics - Bruno's Blog
Monday, 16 December 2013 06:45

And a very good question it is...
Hey folks, Bruno here once again sharing my thoughts but this time on the topic of penises. That's right, penises. Gasp! 
Covered up human penisHuman Penis and scrotum

We as nudist as a whole are fully accepting of the body, but many are uneasy when it comes to penises. We will show nude photos, of a women without question (if we are to show nudity at all) but often pause to ponder the nude image of a man. We also tend to see scrutiny over solo men at resorts. It seems to me that it is a tough call as to when a penis is appropriate. It is a very fine line but a vagina is usually far less of an issue. Granted, a vagina tends to be primarily internal with limited and varied amounts of external labia while a penis is in the majority of cases external as is the scrotum. Though ironically enough, I don't think the scrotum is included in this double standard of genitalia. The scrotum is usually safe though rarely seen solo.

Is this issue caused by mainstream philosophy that penises are sexual? No, we are nudists, that's not true. Is it the fact that we do in fact have men who are interested in the lifestyle for the wrong reasons and that the penis reminds us of that fact? That could be true, but what about the women of a similar motivation? It isn't a strictly male quality to be horny. Perhaps, as I tend to expect, it stems from our fear of erections. That's right, I said it. ERECTIONS!

One of the most asked questions for new nudists is "What if I get an erection?". We are quick to answer this very commonly with the response that this just doesn't happen in a nudist setting, which in most cases is true. What I mean is, there is no sexual charge to the atmosphere... Wait, is that the only time erections happen? Uh Oh! That makes this a partial response then. "What if I get an erection that is not charged by a sexual desire that would be inappropriate for a group setting, what do I do then?" Ah, I think that is a better question. The typical responses of cover it up, or go for a swim can still apply here but they don't address the issue. Is a visible erection by itself, obscene? Your thoughts? My opinion next time in Bruno's Blog.

(Meaning, its just there as you go about doing whatever you are doing. You are not touching, waving, or making a spectacle of it.)


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