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Facebook Page Fiasco PDF Print E-mail
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Friday, 21 February 2014 11:29

So, our Facebook page has been deleted along with our ability to connect with over 500 of our members. Many of these were local to the Hudson Valley are as well as friends, supporters and nudists from around the globe who supported the nudist networking that we are creating here in the Hudson Valley. While this was a large blow primarily because of the severed communication link, it does not hinder our group or our resolve. What it does do, is remind us of how SO VERY IMPORTANT it is, to have each and every member signed up on this site and getting our newsletter so that we can keep in touch with you all.

We would like to ask you to please SHARE the site link with fellow nudists, friends who enjoy nudity and your networks as a whole and encourage them to take just 1 Minute to register here. We truly appreciate your support and look to build more into the site here on a social community interaction scale. We need your support both in helping out to with developing the system as well as with using it and offering feedback on improvement. We don't know everything. We are learning each and every day more and more and plan to keep things improving. YOU, are the number 1 important part of HVN.


Here is the link to our New FB page, kindly like it also so that we can leverage both networks while we rebuild this one stronger and better than Facebook.