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Tuesday, 12 March 2013 15:59

This morning upon arriving at the gym, I noticed a sign posted in the men's locker room. It read:

"There's nothing wrong with being comfortable in your own skin, we just don't need to see. So please do everyone a favor; cover up with a towel on your way to the shower. Thank You"

I find this sign to be horribly offensive. The wording is so body negative. "We don't need to see it" (because it's disgusting) "Do everyone a favor" (because no one wants to see THAT!)

I work out at the gym to improve my health and fitness and feel better about myself, not to be judged and told that my body is horrible and offensive. This is supposed to be a 'Judgement Free Zone'! I think we need to sound the Lunk alarm on you!

I have been overweight and self conscious about my body for 20 years. Growing up, at camp, in school etc.. I always lived in fear of the locker room because i was ashamed and made to feel like crap because of my body. This was before I found Nudism and visited my first Naturist Resort. It has taken me years to become comfortable in my own body and now I've pushed my boundaries to feel comfortable enough in the gym to change openly in the locker room. A complete breakthrough and a huge personal triumph. My reaction to the sign initially sends me right back to my 20 year personal prison. It makes me feel that the gym could care less about peoples' self esteem. It's a locker room, That happens in a locker room, people shower and get changed, we all have skin so why the sign?

I will not let this take control of me, I am comfortable in my body and love myself whatever the size or shape. I refuse to let anyone try to convince me otherwise. I have this confidence after my own personal struggle but someone else may not be as strong, and may have a negative response to becoming aware of this sign and quit the gym, or worse.

It was terrible judgement posting a sign such as this. I am now second guessing why I am a member at this gym when I can be a member of a gym that treats me with respect. There is no reason to belittle people because they do not look a certain way. We need to teach acceptance and stop the bullying.


Last Updated on Tuesday, 12 March 2013 16:23