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My Very Personal Reaction to 15yo Christian Adamek's Suicide after streaking prank. PDF Print E-mail
Topics - Bruno's Blog
Written by Bruno Marino   
Thursday, 17 October 2013 10:51

Written in response to: Boy, 15, kills himself after 'facing expulsion and being put on sex offender registry' for streaking prank at high school football game

Christian Adamek

I want to start by stating what a tragedy this truly is. This boy, a mere 15 years old felt that he was beyond all hope and chose to make the desperate choice to end his life. There are so many teens and adults alike who find themselves in this same state of mind every day for different reasons. Some take the same rash measures as Christian did, others find ways to cope with it. The reasoning behind this boys troubles are in my opinion ridiculous. He was met with such extreme reactions from the state and school as a result of streaking at school. The prospect of a young boy just beginning his life and one decision, one harmless decision, where nobody was hurt, would have ruined this boy's future. He faces expulsion from school as well as being placed on the Sex-Offender's Registry according to new reports. Sex Offender. In what way was this a sexual act? You will hear other posts debate this as well as the other 'punishments' for his actions but this post is about the victim, Christian Adamek.

We need to address the bigger issue at hand. It's not the laws, regulations and policies, though they play a role in it, but rather the pressure placed on our youth. Their pressure is no different than any adult, but there in lies the problem. They are not adults. They are not capable of dealing with the same type of pressures or true understanding on what will affect their future. We used to understand this, and dismissing childhood incidents as learning experiences, now we face them with way too much scrutiny. We have changed so much as a society in so little time.



My teenage story, isn't very different from Christian's. A story that a seldom choose to share openly with others because it was so life changing. For the first time publicly, I want to share this story with the hopes that it will help someone who reads it. To help give hope to hopeless teens who have made errors in judgement and faced severe life altering consequences as a result. As a senior in Highschool, I was still learning who I was as a person. I, like many others, was very influenced by peer pressures and the goal of fitting in. I was a smart kid, a geek if you will who was graduating a year early. Not the type of kid you would expect to find trouble, but it should be said that "just because I am smart, doesn't mean that I can't act stupid".

Senior year was starting to come to a close. It looked like easy sailing from there on out. Seniors were beginning their pranks. It was just what seniors did. Its all in good fun and about one upping the other guy. Only my joke was on me. I took things too far and it was one of those moments where you did not realize exactly how far it had went, until it was too late to turn back. Cops were involved. Thankfully nobody was hurt by the panic but the damage was done. In the passing days I was met with the overwhelming gravity of the situation. I had the realization that it was only a matter of time before I was caught, ridiculed by friends and family, grounded, expelled and arrested. I was a goner. This is a horrible position to be in for anyone especially a teenager. My oh so bright future was now dark and hopeless. I was faced with the decision that I needed to make. I decided to face it head on, and turned myself in. As I sit there in the administration office confessing, having all of my worst fears for repercussions confirmed, I slipped even further down the spiral. The gravity was much heavier than the theoretical probability. This was real. This was finite. This was happening. From there we went to the Police Station and I was officially arrested, charged and released pending a court hearing.

Recalling this fragile state of mind, I remember my support system. My parents helped me through it. They, despite wishing I had not gotten into trouble in the first place, backed me up and were at my side fighting. I do not know how things would have played out if not for them. I went on to get my GED, being suspended from school for a year and a half, went to community college. Graduated and transferred to another college where I earned my Bachelors Degree in Business. Starting working and being independent and living a 'normal' life. Since that day, I have not acted out of impulse. I am very calculated in my behavior. I have a case of OCD and control issues. I am afraid of myself in this capacity. Afraid to ruin the second chance that I have been given but trying my best to live my life and get past it. It is not a distant memory but it pops its head up every once in a while to remind me of where I have been and how easily life can change. Everyone deserves a second chance. Every kids deserves a do-over. And should not be made to feel that all hope is lost.

My heart goes out to the Adamek family for their pain and loss. May you find peace.

- Bruno -

Last Updated on Thursday, 17 October 2013 12:14