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Kate Middleton's Topless Break Was British And Proper PDF Print E-mail
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Friday, 14 September 2012 07:53
Poor Kate Middleton. She was laying near a pool dressed like millions of other English women on holiday -- in just a bikini bottom and a smile -- and now there is scandal and a stampede of headlines all of which seem to ignore just how normal her toplessness was. British women love to sunbathe topless while on holiday.
The reasons for this proclivity are varied. Many enjoy the chic Cote d'Azur look. Others hate wearing soggy bikini tops. Some like to show their boyfriend or husband that they've still got it and others just hate funny tan lines.
Whatever the reason, it's always fun and relaxing to topless sunbathe in the warm sunshine while on vacation. And many women feel swimsuit tops are about as welcome as bulky sweaters at pools and beaches.
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