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Goodbye, My friends! RIP All-Nudist PDF Print E-mail
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Written by All-Nudist   
Sunday, 18 June 2017 20:01

It’s time, folks.  We’ve spent eleven years trying to counter the crap that passes for ‘nudism’ and ‘naturism’ online, especially for the sake of newcomers.  We’re pleased to see many more useful websites than there were when we began, and like to think that we may have inspired some of them.

Many more good ones have gone their way, victims of burnout and busy webmasters.  But the beat goes on!

450276_orig I, Steve, am incurably ill, have been denied the transplant that could have made a difference.  It’s only a matter of time now.  Maybe weeks, maybe months with exceptional treatment.  Either way, I have more on my plate than continuing to operate this website any longer.

Don’t weep for me; I’ve had a great life and leave with few regrets.  We just hope you have gotten something from our efforts even if we’ve not always agreed!

There’s little more to say other than I worry about Angie.  I’m not leaving her in a good financial way and that’s hard to take.  So I’m going to ask you for help.  Surely, all these years of serving our community is worth something, a little something to say ‘Thank you’?

I am setting up a ‘Go Fund Me’ account asking for contributions to her welfare, not mine.  All proceeds will go to helping her make the transition that losing my small income will entail.  She will be living exclusively on her Social Security when I am gone, and that’s not much.

Please, help her out.  A little adds up when there are many, and millions of folks have visited our websites seeking good information about our cherished lifestyle.  If only a fraction contribute, it could make all the difference!

Here’s the link to the fundraiser, and it will be repeated for as long as I can.  Angie doesn’t know about it yet, and would probably ask that I don’t do this.  She’s pretty independent!

Thank you for whatever you can do, and if you can’t, please share this post wherever you can!

Bless you all, it’s been a hoot!   -Steve

GoFundMe link:

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