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Wednesday, 31 October 2012 18:10

Calling All Nudist Women And Nudist Girls – Where Are You?

nudist girls

Nudist Girls

Nudist Girls And Nudist Women

Nudist girls and nudist women are fascinating to other “textile” women as well as many men. They have incredible confidence in their bodies, and they are unusually comfortable in their own skin. In order to spend so much time without clothing, they have to get used to being their natural selves, unadorned, and bare to the world. That may seem scary to those who have never lived as nudists, but it is actually quite liberating. Nudist girls learn many things that other women would benefit from learning as well.

Nudist Women – Flaws are Interesting Not Embarrassing!

Nudist girls realize that every human body is different. Some are bigger; some are smaller, some have moles and birthmarks while others have flawlessly even skin. The little differences from one body to the next add to the character and allure of an individual.

Women who believe in the nudist culture do not place the negativity on body differences that is common with many other women. They are able to embrace what may be considered flaws in their own bodies because they have seen the differences in so many other bodies. They know that differences are interesting and natural, and should therefore not be considered embarrassing.

A Nudist Girl Does Not Equal Promiscuity

There are so many misconceptions about nudist girls / nudist women and sex. In the main stream, many believe that nudist girls must be promiscuous and they must think about nothing but sex all the time. There is nothing else you can talk to them about, really.

These misconceptions are shattered immediately once you step into the life of a real nudist. You see that these women are just as loyal and faithful to their lovers or spouses as anyone else. In fact, they are often so content with their lives and so in touch with their bodies that they are more likely to be faithful than many not living the naturist lifestyle.

You can be naked without thinking about sexuality. If more women would embrace that fact, they would feel more comfortable taking off their own clothing and enjoying their most natural state of being.

Nudist Girls And Religion

Women living the nudist lifestyle can be just as religious or anti-religious as any other person. This lifestyle is not a religion in itself, so you will find nudist girls who prescribe to a variety of faiths. Some are Christians, even if they would never be accepted naked into a traditional church. Others are Catholic, or any number of other religions.

In some religions, enjoying the naked state of being does mean you are a sinner. But many would argue that this natural state of being is Godlier than hiding behind expensive clothing, makeup, and jewelry. All women do not have to prescribe to the nudist lifestyle, but they should all understand that there is nothing shameful or sinful about their naked bodies.

Nudist Women And True Beauty

This is the final lesson that all women should learn from nudist girls. When you strip away the clothing and other embellishments, you genuinely see who the person sitting across the table from you is inside. While some see naked people or the nude body as a distraction, nudist women see the clothed and well adorned body as a distraction.

There is so much for women to learn from the nudist lifestyle. It is not for everyone, but if every woman could spend just one week as a nudist they would have a different view of the world.

Nudist Girls

Nudist Girls - Traditionally, the nude body of a boy or girl was revered in many cultures. In ancient Greece, for example, the human body was highly esteemed and the subject of many beautiful marble sculptures. Many centuries ago, there were far less social and moral quandaries surrounding the practice of nudism. Today, there are nudist beaches and nudist resorts where people can enjoy the company of others without the perceived armor or social facade of clothing. Quite often, men outnumber women in these environments.

The practice of nudity still has the flavor or underpinnings of a sexual or pornographic nature. However, over the past three decades this perception has shifted dramatically. Nudist vacations are more common, and the practice of nudity has lost some of its social stigma. The practice of nudism is more incorporated into our society than in previous decades with many nudist vacations, resorts and beaches from which to choose. Still, the question remains as to why there is such a disparity between the number of boys and girls who are comfortable spending time at a nudist facility.

Different individuals and groups have different attitudes toward their own nakedness. This difference is seen amongst different cultures as well as between the disparate comfort levels of men and women in the same environment. Some people can easily relax when they are nude in front of others, while other individuals feel uncomfortable or inhibited when they are naked in a social context. Often, the social context and the feeling of safety is critical to nudist girls and women need to feel comfortable being naked in social situations.

Women are highly sexualized in our society through the media and are often “on alert”, especially in urban areas. Women are told over and over to be aware of their own safety, in parking lots, in entrance ways to their apartments, in bars and so on. It is difficult for a woman to simply drop being hyper-vigilant and disrobe in front of a whole group of people.

Although there are often tangential issues of modesty, attractiveness and a sense of personal space, the most critical concerns of many women when they consider spending time nude in a social situation revolves around safety and exploitation. In order to encourage women to visit nudist clubs, bars, beaches and resorts, it is imperative to create a sense of safety and privacy for them. If a woman is inclined to participate in nudist activities, she will feel much more comfortable joining in if she feels safe, and if she feels that her privacy will not be breached.

A woman is also more inclined to have this sense of safety in the nudist environment if she is not the only naked woman there– that there are other nude / nudist women around. Currently there are many nudist beaches and areas where men greatly outnumber women, and a lone nude woman surrounded by a group of men can give her the impression that they are only there to gawk at her, even if this isn’t the case. This refers back to the issue of women being highly sexualized and the fact that nudity is so often associated with sex. In many nudist places it may take a little time getting used it to know that most people are there to enjoy the freedom of nude recreation rather than for sexual pursuits. Freedom and the comfort of being oneself is what naturism is truly about, and inappropriate sexual behavior or blatant gawking is typically not tolerated in nudist places. This is in contrast with most other situations of female nudity where the primary concern is having sex appeal and looking a certain way. Thus without such superficial concerns, social nudism can actually allow women to truly relax in their own skin once they lose any preconceptions or fears.

Nudist Girls

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