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Monday, 29 October 2012 17:28

Public Nudity - Where can We Be Nude ?

Public Nudity - Where is it okay to be nude – completly naked in public? (Nudist Resorts | Social Nudism)

Public Nudity

Naked In Public

Nudism & public nudity is a lifestyle that hundreds of thousands of people across the world have choose to live, yet is still not really embraced by those who don’t understand it. While naturists may feel as if their lifestyle is perfectly normal, to some people, it is unacceptable. As a result, nudists have to be careful about where they go nude in the public, as it is actually against the law in many areas. So where exactly is it okay to be nude in public?

Determining where it is okay to practice social / public nudity is something that must be done on one’s own, as individual areas in each state/country are different. There are, however, general types of areas where nudism is accepted. For instance, many people choose to go in the nude at the beach, and there are literally thousands of nudist beaches throughout the world. Nude beaches allow people to shed their clothes and enjoy a sunny day at the beach unrestricted, and since it is completely condoned, they need not worry about persecution of any kind.

For those who like to go in the nude but are looking for other places to do it than beaches, there are many nudist clubs or resorts around the world that are the perfect solution. It is by all means acceptable to go completely nude in these areas, and is actually encouraged. Many nudist clubs own hundreds of acres of land, allowing one to enjoy being in the nude in a variety of different outdoor scenarios.

For the most part, social nudity is confined to beaches and resorts/clubs. As a rule, it is not legal to walk around completely naked in public. However, there are various parts of the world, such as Ontario, Canada, where being topless in public is completely legal and is often even practiced. Those who advocate nude living fight to make it a legality in all areas of the world, yet there is still quite a bit of backlash that prevents this from happening. One thing is for sure, however; if you wish to go in the nude, there are plenty of places throughout the world that will cater to your need.

Many people are concerned about the legality of nudity in certain areas. For better or for worse, there is no Federal law in the US that either prohibits or allows nudity to take place. Legality is usually left up to the state to decide. Most national parks allow nudity in some areas, and some do not, as local laws take precedent. In states that are more tolerant to nudity, it is usually possible to go nude in state parks. Going nude within one’s home is legal, although going nude in a vehicle is considered illegal in many states. The bottom is line is that you should know your state’s laws before going nude in public and trying public nudity.

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