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Nudism And Sex PDF Print E-mail
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Monday, 29 October 2012 17:05

Nudism Does Not Mean Sex

nudism sex

Nudism Is Not Sex

Nudism And Sex

Many people think of nudism and then they immediately think of sex. They assume that, since the people participating are choosing to be naked, they are in some way obsessed with sex. This assumption could not be more wrong; it is a stereotype and it misses the whole point of nudism, which has nothing at all to do with sex. The more that people come to understand this and come to view nudism for what it really is, and what it is really all about, the more they will be interested in it as a lifestyle.

There are a number of very informative websites about nudism that exist to help people learn about it as a culture and a lifestyle. One is the site of the American Association for Nude Recreation. This is an overarching site that encompasses not a single camp but nudism in general. The site contains many explanations of what nudism / naturism┬áis–how it is a freeing lifestyle that is almost like a religious experience in that it helps people connect both with nature and with others. It also gives information to the effect that nudism is not that sexually charged–in fact, other resorts where provocative clothing is worn are often more sexual, since sex tends to be the emphasis there, whereas at a nudist club the emphasis is on living a chosen and relaxed lifestyle, acknowledging the way the body looks in a way not even accepted at places where clothes are required.

Two excellent nudist resorts are Rock Lodge and the Goodland Country Club and Spa . Both are in New Jersey; Goodland is also one of the oldest nudist clubs in America. If anyone knows what nudism is really about, it is the people at these clubs.

The real thing about nudism is that it is accepting nakedness at all times, not just at the times when sex is being participated in. It is about nudism as a practical and enjoyable lifestyle. Because of this, nudism not at all oriented at sex in the same way that being naked outside of a nudist community is. It is about life.

Nudism Sex

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