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Interview With Bruce For The Real Nude Beach Photography Project PDF Print E-mail
Topics - Felicity's Nudist Blog
Tuesday, 03 April 2018 19:27

Meet Bruce, the 8th participant of my series, The Real Nude Beach Photography Project, which took place at Gunnison Beach in 2017. Bruce has been visiting Gunnison for many years. He’s also become an outspoken and enthusiastic advocate for nudism, telling everyone he can about the beach. In this interview Bruce explains why the beach is not a catwalk, how to be respectful with photos and how to be a “live and let live” nudist. Read more in our full interview below!

Interview With Bruce For The Real Nude Beach Photography ProjectIntroducing Bruce in The Real Nude Beach Body Positive Photography Project

Name: Bruce* (or “Bruce the Masseuse” as he’s known at the beach)
Age: 48 years old
Lives in Morris County, NJ

What do you do for a living?

I work at a landscape company mostly driving trucks. I am also a licensed massage therapist.

How often do you visit Gunnison Beach?

As often as possible.

Why do you visit the nude beach?

Filled with happy, less-stressed people, free of the cares of clothes!

What made you decide to visit the beach for the first time? How would you describe your first experience?

So rare to find a legally clothing optional beach!!! An ABSOLUTE MUST to visit. My first visit was so long ago that details fail me, but I do remember a social atmosphere and it’s easy to start or leave conversations there more than other beaches, still today!

What do you like about Gunnison?

It’s like going to a backyard party where you’re ALL FRIENDS, even if you haven’t met yet! Great level of acceptance there, just for showing up! Like you’re a welcomed member of a club you didn’t know you already belonged to.