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1 We switched to Vimeo for our nudist videos. No More Lost accounts Unknown 33
2 My Uber story Guy Purcella 1020
3 Please Signing our Petition Help Nudism Guy Purcella 907
4 How to Work Nude, Without Clothes Barefoot Guy Purcella 960
5 Why the Nudity Taboo is Unethical and Must Go Guy Purcella 1013
6 Hiking Naked and Barefoot in the Mountains of Colorado Guy Purcella 932
7 I m OFFENDED by Nudity Guy Purcella 1010
8 The Impact of Coming out on Your Job Family Guy Purcella 943
9 The Life Times of a Nudist Couple, Guy Carla Purcella: How Public Indecency Laws Affect our Lifestyle Guy Purcella 971
10 How Public Indecency Laws Affect our Lifestyle Guy Purcella 996
11 Our Nudist and Naturist YouTube Channel is now LIVE Guy Purcella 824
12 The Life of a Nudist Activist Guy Purcella 814
13 We'll be filming nudist promotional videos soon Guy Purcella 858
14 Reasons Society Doesn't Want to Allow Public Nudity Carla Purcella 879
15 Why it May Never be Legal to be Nude in Public in the US Guy Purcella 963
16 I've Worked Naked in Customers Homes for Months Guy Purcella 933
17 Adventures of a Nude Hiker Guy Purcella 1030
18 Body Shame, like prejudice, is not natural, it is learned from others and benefits No One Guy Purcella 1044
19 Nudists are Losing Their Rights, and How YOU can Help Guy Purcella 1300
20 July 14 was National Nude Day, so I have to post this. WHO WILL READ THIS? Guy Purcella 911
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