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Tuesday, 21 July 2015 05:57
As a long time nudist who prefers to wear clothes less every day, I dream of the day I could at least walk out in my front driveway without clothes, similar to the picture below, but without the need to 'shield' the public from my naked body, and without the fear of being arrested for doing so.  And the thought of being able to go anywhere naked, such as shopping, a movie, dinner, etc, would be the ultimate freedom to me.  But sadly, I doubt that it will ever happen here in the US. Guy Purcella working naked in drivewayWorking Naked in my Driveway
I actually think that it’s possible, although very unlikely, for society to come to accept the idea of allowing people to live the way they want to, without dictating when and where they should wear clothes.  I also think that society may one day realize that the way we currently treat the issue of seeing a naked person in public is a form of body shaming, is silly, and is sending the wrong message to our children.  Those are issues that I hold out hope that one day our society can get over.
But here is the biggest problem I see.  First off, I think the main reason we are so uptight about public nudity is that it is automatically equated with sex.  Now as nudists, we know that getting naked is Not about sex for us.  But, if we were to legalize public nudity I believe the perverts would come crawling out of the woodwork, and that would be the biggest fear the public would have regarding legalizing public nudity.  We’ve seen it at nude beaches where they feel that having the right to be naked on a beach also gives them the right to have sex on the beach, or to masturbate in public, on these beaches. In most areas, the nudist community keeps them at bay through beach watches, nudist advocacy groups, etc.  But there are still a lot of areas where this activity continues to take place, despite these attempts.  And if nudity were legalized anywhere in public I can easily see the perverts sitting around, playing with themselves, even if discreetly, or gawking and staring at others, having sex in the bushes, etc.  And the police could suddenly get much busier trying to handle these new problems.Sure, we could write laws to help prohibit this, but those would be difficult to enforce.  For example, how do you prevent creeps from staring at you, or your children, making you uncomfortable if you were enjoying a day in the park without clothes? And then there’s the issue of erections.  If the general public were able to be naked anywhere, then there would likely be many occurrences of men with erections.  The general public would not all follow the nudist rules of etiquette, and in public, I can see it happening often due to a more sexual atmosphere at times, such as a bar with dancing women, or other similar situations.  Even if we make public erections illegal, I’ve seen a lot of guys who appeared to be semi erect, even when they aren’t , so I could see a lot of false reports to police and judgement calls.  And even if a guy did have an erection and the cops were called, it would be gone by the time they arrived so would be a his word against theirs.  I feel that overall the problem would be much less than the public would believe, but I also believe that it would be a real issue.  I think these are issues that are solvable, but I’m not so sure the public will ever believe that.  They will come up with a myriad of scenarios where being naked in public would be more dangerous, and convincing them otherwise would likely be a very difficult task to do.  So the easiest thing to do is to just continue to make it illegal to be naked in public.

But I’m not giving up on gaining my rights as a citizen to live my life, my way, as long as I’m not harming others.  I’ll also continue to work on helping society get over their body shame and in   Even if I never see the day I can walk out in my front yard naked without getting arrested, or cited, I’ll continue to do my part to stand up for nudists rights everywhere.  I hope more of you will join me in this cause.

If you are interested in helping to promote the cause of making it legal to be naked in more public places, reducing body shaming, gaining acceptance of the naked human body and more, join us on our Facebook page called ‘How can we Promote Nudism Faster in a Positive manner’ at https://www.facebook.com/groups/PromotingNudism/.  As of this post we have over 2,200 members and we are growing by about 10-20 new members per day.

shaming others.

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