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Monday, 05 August 2013 10:54

I hear so many people commenting on how they “couldn’t go naked around anyone else".  And I'm here to tell you, it’s not as difficult as you might think, and once you try it you will wonder why you waited so long.
How can we be naked around others?Here's some of the reasons we here about why someone could never go nude around others-
 You have to have a great body to be nude around others.  Wrong on so many levels! Most think you have to have this perfect body so they use the reason of 'I'm not in good enough shape to do that'.  But the Wonderful thing about the nudist lifestyle is nudists are Very Non Judgemental and we accept each other just as we are.  Nudist will pay much less attention to your body than those in the textile community.  Look at Guy & I, he is in decent shape and I'm a heavy set woman, but No One Cares what we look like in the nudist community.  We've been at nudists resorts and seen seniors on oxygen, little kids, people with missing limbs, a family of little people, and all other types you can imagine. I know it's hard to believe, but most are afraid when they first try it because they expect everyone to stare at them, and it Doesn't Happen.  People will just come up and greet you as if you were dressed, except they are usually more friendly than at social settings where everyone is clothed.  See we tend to judge each other much more when clothed because the 'clothing makes the man' kind of mindset is most prevalent.  And when you're naked there's no Gucci handbags, or expenses shoes to worry about.  People will just judge you on your personality.   It's a wonderful feeling, so don't worry about what you look like naked, its Very Unimportant!  Many women especially, gain a much better acceptance of their body as is it when around nudists.  It can be very liberating and free you from the embarrassment you've carried for years about your excess weight, scars, or whatever.  Nudists don't care about those things and it's amazingly liberating.

I'm just to shy.  Truth is, a lot of nudists are very shy.  But if you'll just try attending a nudist event once, even if you wear clothes, you'll find that you'll feel comfortable with the idea of undressing around others.  You'll see everyone just relaxing and having fun, with no staring, comments, etc and most people realize that they feel more comfortable with the idea than they thought.  Once you shed your clothes and feel the sun on your entire body, and the breeze, the coolness, etc, you'll be sold.  And most likely, no one will even pay any attention to the fact that you just got naked, because everyone else will be anyway.
I'm afraid family, friends or co workers will find out.  Truth is, if you happen to run into one a nudist event, which is rare, you'll know they are into the same thing and it will be no big deal.  And nudists are very understanding of the need for confidentiality and do go around dropping names about who they hung out with nude or something like that.  So it's highly unlikely they'll find out.  BUT, if they do, it's almost always much worse in your mind than in reality.  We finally came out to all our friends and family a few years ago, and most were fine with it.  Some family, and this is the minority, couldn't understand it and don't want to know about it, but they accept that it's who we are and it's no big deal.  So don't worry about is as no one is likely to know unless you tell them.
How can we be naked around others?

I've heard that nudists are just perverts or just into it for the sex.  Or that nudist resorts or groups are unsafe for women.  WRONG AGAIN.  Nudists are very protective of others and most nudist resorts are MUCH safer than a public clothed setting.  Nudists are not even allowed to do anything sexual in a public nudist setting.  If they do at a resort, they will be asked to leave quickly.  You WON'T be hit on, and if you are, you tell the owners and that person will likely be removed if it was done inappropriately.

So if you feel you could never try being naked around others, here's a few suggestions to try it out on a safe level and find out if it might be for you.

Start by spending time nude at home.  Walk around, watch TV, and sleep nude.  Then try walking out
in your back yard or any space that is private where you can feel safe and comfortable.   Maybe you have to go up into the mountains, or find a secluded place to lay out and enjoy the feeling of the sun and breeze on your body and allow it to relax you and soon you will realize that this is the way nature intended.  Not bound in textiles (clothing) that make us uncomfortable and put labels on us. I personally hate designer labels, or any labels. We shouldn’t be defined by how much money we spend on our clothing, but rather what kind of human being we are.
How can we be naked around others?Then join some nudist forums on the internet and do some reading.  There's a lot of them out there, and we'll try to list some in a future post.  And finally, join a local nudist group and spend time getting to know them a little on the forums or via email, then when you're comfortable, meet some of them in a public restaurant or someplace like that.  The next step after that is to attend a function. Don't be afraid, just go, and once you try it you'll wonder why it took you so long.  It's an amazingly liberating experience and you will feel as if a
burden has been lifted off your shoulders.

I hope this helps you understand why we can be naked around others, and why you can too.  Try it, you'll love it.  Then post here how it went for you as we'd love to hear.
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