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Saturday, 27 July 2013 12:38

I get asked quite often why I’m a nudist and how can I be comfortable as such.  It’s easy- I like me and I’m not afraid to be who I am.  As a child I was never comfortable in clothes and was never embarrassed about nudity.

I grew up in a conservative household, my parents were very loving but were not ones to be letting us see anything they didn’t think appropriate.  I don’t remember ever seeing my dad with his shirt off and my mom kept covered up with no hint of cleavage and when in a dress no knees would show. Cursing was limited to the basics- dam, hell  nothing worse- well once in a while when my mom would stub her toe or something we’d hear son of a bitch.

As an adult I was limited by my ex-husband’s way of life and tried to follow that to avoid conflict.  He was a bully and didn’t abide by anything that didn’t suit his way of thinking.  I went skinny dipping once with a group of friends and even though he knew about it and was there at the time he was extremely upset with me so it was easier to avoid those circumstances after that.  

Carla watering the flowers nude
Carla watering the flowers nude

Eventually we divorced and I got married a second time to a man who was not happy with anything.  We were together many years and I attempted to keep the peace by not being myself, but eventually that gets old so another divorce.

Guy and I met in 2008 and immediately became friends and when I was going through the stuff with getting divorced I moved into his spare room. Eventually we figured out that we were much more than “friends” and a year and a half after this discovery we got married.  We had three weddings – the official marriage so I could do name change and such, then we had both traditional wedding and nudist wedding.  My daughter was maid of honor for both and that in itself was wonderful as she was able to be nude comfortably.  She isn’t a nudist but is not bothered by us being nude.  My son is not comfortable with it and so did not participate in our nudist wedding.  I will tell more about our weddings in a later post. 

Guy and I are nude as often as possible, have a nudist group in the area and have hosted such events as World Naked Gardening Day (were on local news 4 times for this event and on front page of local newspaper), had a nude wedding, and host meet and greet for other nudists in the area. We encourage those who would like to try nudity to just be themselves and not to worry about what their body type is, no one is perfect and we all have scars and lumps and bumps- it’s part of life.

Authors: Carla Purcella

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