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Why Choose the Nudist Lifestyle? PDF Print E-mail
Topics - Guy & Carla Purcella
Friday, 26 July 2013 10:23
You know, we find that there tends to be 3 views of nudism by the general public.  Some get it and participate and love it.  Some think we must be really weird for running around naked among others.  And then the 3rd group is just not sure.  They are usually curious about it, but not sure why we choose to be nudists.  So let me give you our view on this subject.
Why Choose the Nudist Lifestyle?First, let me tell you how I got started.  I used to do construction work and would often finish early like around 2-3 pm and on the way home in the spring, I would have this desire to lay out in the sun
and start working on my tan, and mostly to just soak up the sun.  It felt so good after a long winter here in Colorado.   Then one day I was laying out in the woods, in a very private location and thought, why am I wearing any clothes out here?  So I shucked the shorts I had on and WOW, it felt even better.  I was hooked right off.  Then I started laying out naked more, and even taking short hikes around the woods where no one could see me and fell in love with nudism outdoors.
Why Choose the Nudist Lifestyle?The feeling is kind of hard to describe, but it is SO freeing and liberating to be outdoors naked.  Well, this went on for years where I did this by myself and keeping it hidden from everyone around me.  Then one day, years later I was walking around naked in my backyard and was 'caught' by my Father, step mom and my 2 young nieces who had driven down my driveway and seen me walking naked.  Well, I decided, 'Why am I worried about others catching me?'  I mean, I wasn't doing anything wrong and by then I felt that there was simply no reason to be ashamed of our naked bodies.  So I
made no big deal of it, and neither did they.  I basically told them that I do this often, and if they don't want to surprise me to call first.  I'll tell you the whole funny story in another post, but for now, just realize that this was my turning point.  From then on I didn't hide it from anyone.
But back to Why we choose the nudist lifestyle.  For us, there's many reasons.  So let me just list a few here in a bullet style list.
  • It's incredibly liberating to experience mother nature with no clothes, and preferably no shoes
  • It's also very liberating to do this among other fellow nudists in a safe nudist environment
  • It is healthy to get sun, in moderation.  The benefits are Huge, and I'll try to cover that in a future post
  • Saves on clothes and laundry.  Hey, we do WAY less laundry than most because of being nudists
  • It fosters body acceptance, especially if you are overweight or have other body issues.  Nudists are the most accepting people on earth.  You have to be because you are exposing your naked body to criticism and if you want others to accept you, you learn to accept others no matter what type of body they have.  This can do WONDERS for women who are overweight and have body issues.
  • It is a very safe environment when among other seasoned nudists, such as at a nudist resort.  Nudists absolutely don't allow any sexual advances, unwanted ogling, touching, etc.  Anyone doing so is quickly removed from the resort, (which is actually a rare occurrence due to the know nudist rules of etiquette.
  • It teaches children and teens that the naked body is something to not be ashamed of.  It also reduces the curiosity of children to sneak a peek at naked people in magazines, or through exploring behind the woodshed, etc.  It can also help teens wait longer before experimenting with sex because a big reason they do is that innate curiosity about the naked body.
  • It teaches children to be less judgemental due to the accepting principles of nudism
  • It just plain feels good
These are just a few reasons, and I'm sure some of our readers can contribute more in our comments section.
We are planning on adding a lot more posts very soon, so subscribe to our blog and you'll be notified when we release them.
Thank you,
Guy & Carla Purcella

Authors: Guy Purcella

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