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Happy Bare is about, well, being happy and being bare. Happy Bare is about being naked, about nudism and naturism. You won’t find any overt sexuality here, just articles and photos of healthy naked activities and the concerns of nudists world wide. Since being located in Montreal, Canada. many of the articles here will have a local flavour, but the cause of nudism and naturism is first and foremost.

(Shared with Permission)

Fishing naked with two naked buddies. Problems ahead. PDF Print E-mail
Topics - Happy Bare
Friday, 23 May 2014 16:17


I tried naked fishing and it was exhilarating . The sun, the air moving, that magic of being naked. I loved it even though I caught nothing but a great day. Sadly, nakedness has caused my life to be so much fuller yet completely topsy turvy! I spend most of my day naked and I do naked things with other naked people, but all of my pre-naked friends...

How (and why) to start a local naturist group PDF Print E-mail
Topics - Happy Bare
Saturday, 03 May 2014 07:56

How (and why) to start a local naturist groupHappy Bare:

The more we get together… the happier we’ll be…

How (and why) to start a local naturist group Originally posted on Naturist Philosopher:


In our previous article in this series we discussed the naturist apathy problem and offered some suggestions anyone could try personally to build enthusiasm for naturism in oneself and others. The last of these was to start your

Happy Bare’s Naked News PDF Print E-mail
Topics - Happy Bare
Monday, 28 April 2014 17:38

Last year I was an single old straight white guy. Then I discovered nakedness. It felt so good. Good for my body, good for my mind and doubly good for my spirit. I thought I should tell everyone. My textile friends I knew would not approve so I figured I should get some naked friends to share my happy bareness with. I set off with a desire to make...

Happy Bare Naked Naturist Nudists or not PDF Print E-mail
Topics - Happy Bare
Sunday, 30 March 2014 10:33

image Why can’t bare naked naturist nudists barely get along? Such a simple thing as being without clothing draws out so many varying opinions from so many people. There are actually arguments where some insist they are truer nudists than others because they have a deeper or more spiritual understanding of nakedness. Others say they are better...

Sex and nakedness bare facts PDF Print E-mail
Topics - Happy Bare
Thursday, 27 March 2014 09:56

You would think that those sexy nudists would be having sex all the time.  After all, nakedness affords the not only opportunity but the constant visual stimulation that they just can’t turn away from. Imagine they just sit or stand or lie around, naked as the day they were born, admiring each others exciting and attractive bodies, and just...

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