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Monday, 28 April 2014 17:38

Last year I was an single old straight white guy. Then I discovered nakedness. It felt so good. Good for my body, good for my mind and doubly good for my spirit. I thought I should tell everyone. My textile friends I knew would not approve so I figured I should get some naked friends to share my happy bareness with. I set off with a desire to make naked friends, I began to blog here, I signed up for naked Meetup groups, I joined an active naked online (NOOK) group, I advertised for naked friends on Craigslist, I approached naked people I met in naked situations and began conversations. I read lots to learn the culture and ethos of nakedness. I knew that simple nakedness felt good, I heard that nudists were accepting and inclusive, and so, I became accepting, inclusive and non judgmental myself. I made friends with naked straight men and women, I’ve made friends with naked gay men, naked gay women, and naked bisexuals as well with people that are not naked but interested enough to follow this adventure. I lost whatever inhibitions I may have had about dropping my clothing. I admit that I may have been a bit cynical about these new relationships. After all, real friendships are built over a long period of time, and you know about naked people (wink, wink).


It’s still cold in Canada

For no particular reason, I neglected my blog the entire month of April. I was either too busy, or too tired or to lazy to post. I just kind of dropped out. I hadn’t lost interest in nakedness, I have been spending more and more time bare. I just didn’t blog.

Much to my sheepish surprise many of these naked people began to send me notes, ‘how are you?’, ‘is everything OK?’, ‘waiting for your next post’, and so on. I admit, I am so pleasantly surprised and humbled. Some of these people I have met physically, but most only online.

So thank you all for your concern, your acceptance and friendship. Thank you all so very much. You know who you are. So kind and thoughtful.

Now I’m just a naked old white guy with naked friends, and I’m happy, happy bare.

Happy Bare’s Naked News

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