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Getting Naked For A Day PDF Print E-mail
Topics - Happy Bare
Thursday, 24 July 2014 09:08

Getting Naked For A DayHappy Bare:

Another convert to nakedness. Less is simply more. Go figure.

Getting Naked For A Day Originally posted on Doc Denbow:

Way back in April I published a post called “I’m Happy In My Own Skin….” and the overwhelming numbers of readers of that piece shocked me. There many very positive comments regarding the ideas that I was trying to convey and I was, it’s more than fair to say, delighted with the responses. Following that post I wrote a few pieces about the perception of nudity, especially in the UK, and went as far as expressing my desire to swim naked. I explained that I’d been in touch with a naturist club about visiting for a day and I do believe that from there I wrote nothing more on nudity or naturism. That was in mid May and nothing that I’ve written to here since makes any reference to naturism or nudism apart from the fact that my feet are stripy thanks to wearing Croc flip flops on my otherwise…

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Getting Naked For A Day

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