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Jade Sambrook: My experience at Bareoke (Montreal’s Strip Karaoke) PDF Print E-mail
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Wednesday, 11 March 2015 15:10

About a month ago a friend sent me a last minute Facebook invite to an event called Bareoke, where you are allowed to strip down as ‘bare as you dare’ while you karaoke.

It wasn’t hard for Jade Sambrook to accept the invitation to attend the event. I love to sing, I love karaoke, and above all, I love to be naked!

I was also pleased to learn from the invitation that Bareoke is a monthly event, held at Club Playhouse on Du Parc Street in Montreal, which as a former strip joint still has a licence that allows for public nudity.

I figured that I would wear my kilt since it would be easier to remove than pants while singing. I also figured that it would be original since I would surely be the only person wearing one, and last but not least, that it would add to the entertainment value of my karaoke performance.

Jade Sambrook preparing to attend Bareoke in a kilt. Jade Sambrook preparing to attend Bareoke in a kilt.

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