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The results of 2018 AANR Elections Incredible Participation PDF Print E-mail
Written by Jeff Baldasarre   
Monday, 09 July 2018 11:00
The results of 2018 AANR Elections Incredible Participation

The AANR office has received the results of the 2018 AANR Election from the independent voting service Vote – Now and those results appear below with numbers on votes cast. I wish to preface these remarks by thanking each and every candidate who participated in the election, to our members and clubs who participated, and to the many of you who h

Mohonk Preserve | Split Rock Naked Sunbathing PDF Print E-mail
Written by Felicity Jones   
Friday, 29 June 2018 21:17

Getting Some Naked Sun At Split Rock And the Mohonk Preserve

While we still have some beautiful fall days left, I wanted to share a clothing-optional place to go where you can also get your outdoor / fall foliage fix! It’s located in the Mohonk Preserve in the town of New Paltz in upstate New York. It’s about an hour and a half drive from NYC.

Mohonk Preserve – We first went there on a sunny day in August (2011). There are numerous hiking and mountain biking trails all over this mountainous rural

Summer 2018 Naked Events and Naturist Festivals in U.S. and Canada PDF Print E-mail
Written by Felicity Jones   
Friday, 22 June 2018 20:21

This is a 2018 guide to naturist, clothing-optional and naked events happening around the U.S. and Canada this summer! It’s split into two sections — Naked / Clothing Optional Events (more mainstream events that appeal to naturists) and Naturist Events (organized by and for naturists). The list is focused on big festivals, gatherings and unique events, excluding regular club socials like potlucks, BBQs or holiday parties. Check back here as I will update this list with more events!

Summer 2018 Naked Events and Naturist Festivals in U.S. and CanadaSummer 2018...
The Issues With Bathing Suits and Why We'd All Better Off Without Them PDF Print E-mail
Written by Felicity Jones   
Monday, 11 June 2018 22:16

I’m not one of those nudies that feels compelled to be naked 24 / 7, and I would say that many nudists can’t be and don’t care to be naked everywhere, all the time. (I’ve mentioned this before in the common myths about nudism.)

I’m quite comfortable wearing clothes in the winter. I get cold very easily and am grateful for the sweaters I have to keep me warm. Though I’m not much into fashion or clothes shopping, I do like dressing up sometimes and expressing myself with certain colors, fabrics and

New Facebook Censorship Policies, User Appeals and Other Updates PDF Print E-mail
Written by Felicity Jones   
Friday, 01 June 2018 21:44

In 2014, I published my first article on why Facebook censorship is such a big issue. In the 4 years since, a few things have changed, plus we got a lot more insight on how Facebook (and Instagram, which it owns) moderates the vast amount of content posted to its site every day.

Towards of the end of April 2018, Facebook updated its community standards and released the internal guidelines that govern its content control. The Facebook moderators guidelines were leaked to the public a few years

The Appealing Magick of Skyclad Witchcraft and Rituals PDF Print E-mail
Written by Guest Blog   
Thursday, 10 May 2018 18:08

Guest Blog by: Liam Cyfrin and Caroline Tully

Releasing the Magick of the Body

To most Witches, precedent provides a comforting source of continuity, rather than a necessary validation of a custom. Validation, to the ever-pragmatic Witch, proceeds purely from utility. And since skyclad Witchcraft shows no sign of vanishing (despite being something of a PR nightmare at times), clearly many Witches find it a powerful technique for enhancing magick. Let’s try to see why.

One rationale for the

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