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Deer Park Family Nudist Resort - The Friendliest Nudist Resort in Southern California

(By Melissa Dejanude)

nudist resortCalifornia Nudist Resort  - It’s winter time and there really are not too many options where a family could go to on a low budget, especially one with a newborn baby at 5 weeks. Ever since the baby was born, my man and I found ourselves cooped up in the house needing to get out for some serious relaxation. We could not part with our newborn boy by leaving him with a baby sitter for the night since he was breastfeeding and developing through an important time of family bonding, so we decided to bring him with us to the nudist resort and what a better place to go to at this time than Deer Park Family Nudist Resort“the friendliest nudist resort in Southern California”

We arrived at the resort close to 6pm after hours on a Sunday night when the sun had already fallen behind the hills. The staff was  not expecting us so we called the after hours phone line. Within just a few rings someone answered the phone and let us through the gates to check into a cabin/trailer. Generally they do not take such special requests while the office was closed; however, the after hours management took heart to our situation and made a special exception. He provided us with a key to a large double-sized trailer with 2 single rooms and one bathroom adjoining the rooms with a hallway that connected the two. The room contained a small microwave, coffee maker with a nice basket of coffee and accessories, a space heater, mini fridge with a decent size freezer, small end table, sofa chair, dresser and a large queen sized bed with linoleum flooring. There were 3 windows, two on the side wall and 1 overlooking the bed, with sliding curtains to allow privacy. The bathroom was a rather large sized room that contained a single toilet, small sink, 1 window with curtains and quaint little seashell decorations.

nudist resort cabins

At this time the weather dropped less than 65° and our room was as cold as ice, so we cranked up the space heater all the way. It did not take too long for the room to get warm and cozy. As soon as we got situated in our room, we decided to head on down to the clubhouse and utilize the amenities. It had been way too long since the opportunity to use their jacuzzi was available, 9 months in fact. In all actuality this was the place where my man and I conceived our son. Let’s just say we had a really good time that night in our own private cabin. :)

California Nudist Resortnudist Steam Room

nude Jacuzzi Room

The clubhouse was just as I remembered it, spacious with plenty of things to do. When you walk in through the back entrance you first have to walk through a small hallway which leads to both the main dining area on your right and the recreation room on your left. The kitchen is not usually open on Sunday nights so that entire area of the facility is shut off. The recreational room is my favorite part of the resort; it contains two bathrooms (separating both male and female genders), 1 vanity, 1 full size jacuzzi with a built in waterfall, (Don’t turn the waterfall on!) a sauna, steam room, two personal showers, and a billiards/game room.

We found ourselves right at home in the Billiards room which was well situated with 1 sofa couch, bar table and bench seat, a bookshelf full of books and board games including puzzles, a dart board, entertainment center with an average sized television settled on the top and best of all the pool table. We did not even have to fight over the tv channel since it was stuck on Fox 11. The remote must have been locked up in the entertainment cabinet along with the video games. After jumping back and forth from sweating in the steam room to soaking our bodies in the jacuzzi and we shot off a single game of pool and called it a night. During this entire time we found our selves alone except for a single musician who was nice enough to offer us some drinks and play rock a by melodies on his guitar when my son started to cry. This man was a resident at the resort and made the night quite welcome for us by sharing with us fun stories of his times past.

Naked Billiards Upon calling it a night, we headed straight back to our cabin to get ready for bed. Sleep can be your ultimate favorite activity when you have a newborn.  My man and I were not necessarily prepared for this early evening excursion to the naturist resort and found the need to “jerry rig” a safe resting place for our little one in place of a bassinet. We moved the sofa chair and set it between the wall and the bed. Then we used an extra pillow as a soft mattress for him to lay his head. Fortunately, we had the luxury of a head rest support to keep him from turning over side to side. All of us slept quite soundly that night and only awoke every two the three hours, as usual, when our son needed to be fed or changed. There was one discomfort throughout the night, the bathroom provided or shall I say failed to provide hot water heater which was more bothersome to our son when I changed him in the middle of the night, washed my hands and picked him back up to feed him.

The following morning, we checked out by the required time of 12:00pm and drove into town to gather some supplies for the day along with breakfast. There are several conveniently located fast food eateries located within 3 miles of the resort. We were unable to find a grocery store of any sort nearby and settled for some small items in a liquor market which were overpriced. It is recommended that you come prepared if you wish to not leave the Deer Park premises for meals. Such preparation may also include frozen food items to microwave in your room while the resort diner is closed.

California Nudist Resort When we returned, the weather was fair with the sun popping out time to time which tempted us to try out the heated outdoor pool at Deer Park. One of the best things I always enjoyed about this resort is the separation of the two pools. The main pool contains a bar, outdoor Hot tub and non-heated pool on the far side of the lot which is generally closed during winter season. The heated pool is enclosed within some gates for extra privacy and good wind blockage. During the winter months, this pool is occupied from 1-5 people at any given day, or at least with the experience that I have witnessed. Most of those who use it are generally quite and relatively keep to themselves unless approached for conversation. This resort truly is an enjoyable place to escape for peace and serenity even when the weather is not as favorable for nude sunbathing.

California Nudist Resort

My man and I tested out all the amenities of Deer Park Nudist Resort and were about ready to go until California Nudist Resort we realized there was a nice landing strip for us to fly our remote control airplane. Generally this is not encouraged should one in-experienced flier crash their plane amongst the hillside, finding them selves rummaging through the overgrown shrubbery to retrieve their lost propeller, battery or other parts; however, we found there was quite a welcome amount of airspace to fly without any trees or telephone wires blocking the flight pattern. So, we gave it a shot only to be disappointed our plane was experiencing technical difficulties of its own with the wind tunnel bouncing off the hillside. Next time we return, we shall be prepared with a better equipped plane for the one amazing r/c experience. Now if you are serious r/c fan, the dirt hills and rocks are great for some serious off roading in your remote controlled four wheeler.

I’d like to recommend Deer Park Nudist Resort to anyone who is not looking for a major party zone, but a place to simply relax in a quiet solitude environment during any given time of the year. Weekends and the winter season is usually the best time for this. This resort is accommodation for all ages and is even equipped with a children’s playground for those who bring their kids. We plan on returning another time this year and will most certainly be bringing our little boy back with us. Deer Park Family Nudist Resort is indeed the “friendliest nudist resort in Southern California“.

California Nudist Resort

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