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Friday, 15 March 2013 08:28


Hello, Fellow Naturist / Nudist!

Nudist Advertising: We have found that the interest in nudism and non-sexual nude recreation is strong. So why are some nudist resorts struggling? The nude beaches are some of the most popular destinations for people of all ages and yet, memberships at nudist clubs and organizations are on the decline. In our opinion this is a direct result of the inability to reach the target audience.

Clothing optional resort owners and organizations have not been able to keep up with the recent changes in technology and who can blame them? In the not too distant past, all people needed to do was to place an ad in a magazine and they were done. But the Internet has changed the way people interact, act and search.  Just having a Facebook page or a Twitter account is not enough. Having a website is important, but knowing how to use it is vital. For any business to survive they must quickly adapt to the ever changing world we live in.

For years, nudist organizations have been the go-to source for the information people wanted. But in today’s world, social online presence is the key to success.

We are here to help. We are looking to create a relationship with any nudist resort, club or organization that is willing to work with us. We are passionate about promoting nudism and we do it well. So with that in mind, we are hoping to work with as many groups and resorts as possible.

What we can promise is that we will do our very best to increase the visibility of your business. But it does take an equally dedicated partner to make a true impact.

The following, are different nudist advertising and online promotion packages what we offer:

Online Advertising on our Website – for only $40/month your business can obtain an ad on our website. We receive a lot of online traffic and are constantly mentioned in articles by the mainstream press. $40 a month is not much to ask for having such great exposure to your target demographic. (Please note: Once you purchase an ad, it will not be live on the site until we approve it.  We reserve the right to deny any request for an ad without explanation.)

Affiliate Program – If your resort, club or product is willing to offer discounts to our members, you will get listed on our affiliates page. Those who chose to work with us more closely will have the right to place a banner on their site to show that the business is part of our network. This option is free of charge and you would need to offer the same discounts to our members as you would offer with any other organization. For our younger members (under age 35 for example) we would insist on giving a bigger reduction. This is part of the long term goals of making naturism an accepted way of life and to increase memberships in the future as well as the present.

Advertisers & affiliates will have access to our events calendar. By adding your event, our members will get notified and most events will be included in our email newsletters (this added email feature is currently free of charge so take advantage of it).

The following are some additional services that we offer.  If interested in any of these services, contact us:

Social Media

Web Design & programming

Event Creation / Promotion

We would also like to try and create an online secure database of people who might be considered problematic. Having this information accessible for resort owners 24/7 is important for the protection of our members and clubs wherever they may be.

Tracking online visitors to your website.

Online advertising management.

Blog creation and maintenance.

Search engine optimization and key word research.

Printing: Business cards / Brochures / Fliers / Merchandise & more!

For all the above services, we will do our best to keep prices low and to make our services as affordable as possible while not compromising the effectiveness and quality of our work! We will also work closely with you to ensure that your posts and efforts are done correctly. By optimizing every single page and post (based on google’s current requirements) you will be able to rank much higher.

Like any other new venture it will take some time and dedication to see results. This is why we ask that you stick with it for a minimum of 1 year.

We are also one of the biggest promoters of social acceptance in the U.S. today. Not accepting people because of gender, sexual preference, race, religion and body art / jewelry is a huge issue that hinders the ability of our movement to grow. We would like work with resorts on their exclusion policies because nudism for us is about more than just being naked. We understand a lot of the issues with inclusion / preclusion policies, but we need to be able to make the naturist lifestyle as accessible and affordable for as many people as possible. Barring entry to any our members without good cause may result in cutting ties with that specific nudist destination. We, like any other organization or business needs money to survive, but we would rather close our doors than compromise on our morals and ethics.

Resorts would also need to adhere to privacy requirements. Example – it is nobody’s business what goes on behind closed doors and between consenting adults. Picture taking and posting can only be done with the permission of the individual that is in that image. And so forth.

Each nudist resort is unique and therefore we would need to tailor our efforts for each naturist club’s needs.  However do keep in mind that creating a mutually beneficial relationship is vital for any partnership to succeed. Communication and voicing opinions and concerns is crucial to our efforts so please make sure that you are ready to answer any questions in a timely fashion. Also, having a person on site that is assigned to working with us would be the optimal situation.

If you are looking for a miracle to happen overnight then we might not be the best fit. But if you are willing to work hard and keep an open mind then we feel we could have a significant and positive impact on your business.

At the end of the day we want you to understand that we can’t make any promises or guarantees. All we can do is put our hearts and souls into making your business more successful.

So if you are ready to work for a better nudist friendly tomorrow then please contact us as soon as possible!



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