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Felicity's Nudist Blog - Hi everyone! Welcome to the young Nudist and Naturists America blog! This is my first blog post. I'm planning to write about all things nudism and about our up and coming group in particular! We're really excited to get things going, and right now we're putting together events, building an online presence in things like Twitter, and basically becoming a big hub of nudist information with new ways to connect to other nudists!

To tell you a little bit about myself, I've been a nudist my whole life and grew up at a club in the northeast USA. My parents are both longtime nudists, and my dad grew up with it as well. I spent my summers swimming, catching fireflies, singing around bonfires, playing tennis, dancing, and sunbathing, all in the nude.So passing days there has given me some of the happiest memories of my life, and I'm happy to share my enthusiasm for naturism with all of you! I've also been involved in events with Vita Nuda (the younger branch of AANR), been in the AANR bulletin, and visited other clubs in the northeast and Florida.

Being a young person myself, I've always been aware of the severe lack of young people in nudist resorts and clubs, and I would really like to change that!We haven't exactly had a hippie free love political movement to inspire us like they did in the 60s/70's.

New-Dism For Those Who Are New to Nudism by YNA PDF Print E-mail
Topics - Felicity's Nudist Blog
Friday, 08 October 2010 15:25

New to Nudism? or “New-Dism”?

Introduction by Felicity:  As I said before, I went about encouraging my friends to try naturism this past summer by visiting me. Well I asked one if she could write me a story about visiting a nudist club and encountering naturism for the first time, and she did! Having grown up as a nudist, I really wanted to know what it was like for a new person to step into the nudist community who grew up in a totally non-nudist household / family.

It seems I didn’t give a good

Chilling Nekkid as a Nudist First Step PDF Print E-mail
Topics - Felicity's Nudist Blog
Wednesday, 06 October 2010 02:07

What does the word Nekkid mean?

The work Nekkid basically mean Naked. People frequently replace the word “naked” with the word “nekkid”. But in reality, each word has an entirely different meanings. The word “nekkid” conjures images of an individual running through the forest sporting a barrel to cover their shame. In reality, many in society use the nekkid to define committing naughty, non-sexual behavior without clothing.

Nekkid and Chilling

Naturism is highly under-rated. I can assure you, if

Nude Beaches and Visiting Nudist Beaches by YNA PDF Print E-mail
Topics - Felicity's Nudist Blog
Tuesday, 12 August 2008 04:17

What to expect when visiting nude beaches:

Nude Beaches – Have you ever been to nude beaches that have a section allocated especially for nudists / naturists? If so, then you probably already know that the clothing optional sections of the beach seems to always have so much more people than the textile or clothed sections. So What is so appealing about nude beaches?

What types of people visit nude beaches?

Being at a nudist resort may be an uncomfortable experience for a first time nudie,

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