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Monday, 05 November 2012 19:10

What is Nudism


Nudism and Simple Pleasures

Nudism is the philosophy by which people believe in the benefits of being and living naked. In actuality, it is the belief or practice of going without clothes in private and /or public. It often reflects a family and / or personal lifestyle choice and can also be referred to as “naturism”. What is interesting about nudism is the fact that it is readily accepted across many cultures, specifically those of European descent, to include Germany, France, and Poland. Over the last century, nudism in the United States has become increasingly more acceptable. For example, in 1995, the American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR) was established, which includes nearly 100 resorts and 150 clubs for nudists to enjoy.

Why Nudism ?

While some individuals embrace nudism stemming from naturism (beliefs centered around embracing nature, the environment, healthy eating, physical fitness, and yoga to name a few), others practice this lifestyle based off of personal, family, or social factors. What attracts most individuals to nudism these days, is the feeling of freedom and sense of ease that comes with the shedding of clothes. Additionally, with a growing number of people practicing nudism today, there is an abundance of amenities directed towards emerging and practicing nudists, to include nude beaches, nudist resorts, “clothes free” holiday centers, and cycling events. In fact, currently, there is a World Naked Gardening Day, held in May of each year, as well as a World Naked Bike Ride and Nude Years Eve Parties held annually.

When embracing nudism, an individual or group is likely to experience both positive and negative reactions from different communities. While practicing nudism in the privacy of one’s home, private land, pool, pond, or club will generate the least amount of criticism and speculation from outsiders. Engaging in nudism in more public arenas, such as nudist beaches and parks, might generate some criticism from closed minded individuals. Obviously, one should consider these factors in deciding when, where, and how to embrace his or her nudist lifestyle.

Ideally, individuals would be allowed to live in a world free of prejudice, judgment, social expectations, restrictions, and personal insecurities. If this were the case, individuals could practice nudism in both the comforts of their homes and their local communities. Since this is not the case, individuals seeking to embrace nudism should take advantage of their own personal property, or designated nudie friendly destinations, to enjoy their practice. These destinations can include sanctioned nudist beaches, clubs, events, hotels, and other European countries whose practice of nudism is readily becoming the “norm” rather than the extreme. 

Who practices Nudism

Nudists are individuals who enjoy freeing their inhibitions and being one with nature. Part of this experience includes performing activities in the nude. The naturist behavior traditionally has nothing to do with sex. However, there is always a small group of people who select to incorporate sex into the experience. Many families enjoy being nude together and interacting together in a nude environment. There are several resorts that cater to this freeing experience. Additionally, there are several resorts that cater to couples and adults who choose to interact in the nude to renew sensuality in their relationships. Each of these experiences will be explored in this Nudist Blog. However, it is important to understand the origin of the nudist and naturists.

Individuals from all walks of life will be found on nudist beaches and at nudist resorts. Individuals are also of all levels of fitness. While most expect these places to be filled with fun, fit people who look like models, this is certainly not the case. Individuals of all types who feel comfortable in their own skin will be found in these resorts and lying on nude beaches. Living the naturist lifestyle is about being self-confident about your body and being honest with yourself. This is also a lesson in that not everyone is perfect. Individuals who can accept an individual while they are nude may also be able to accept the individual as a whole being. However, most individuals will feel so self-conscious about their nude experience that they will strive for perfection of their body to feel more confident. However, this is not the point of the naturist lifestyle.

YNA’s Nudism Blog:

This Nudist Blog is designed to build an awareness of nudity and the practice of public nudity. Many individuals feel that the more individuals are exposed to nudity, the more commonplace it will become. Individuals will become less aroused and more controlled in environments of nudity. Some venture to believe that over time nudity will lead to less sexual crimes as it has in Europe. Men and women, who are concerned about the potential arousal that may occur, may consider the experience as conditioning that will allow individuals to become accustomed to and accepting of nudity.

Nudism is a way of living that is embraced by a growing number of the world’s population. Many resorts and nudist beaches will be explored in this Nudist Blog. Most of the resorts are family friendly and screen all guests staying at the resorts against Megan’s Law. Most of the resorts do not allow cameras or video recorders onto the premises unless doing a promotional shoot. Some individuals may consider the experience biblical and relate it to the Adam and Eve experience before people had knowledge of good and evil. These individuals simply desire to return to the way that nature or God delivered them to the earth. Some individuals just simply feel more comfortable in the nude. Whatever the case, these environments are designed to allow individuals to feel comfortable.

Young Naturists & Young Nudists America seeks to educate people on the resources available to those who seek to pursue a nudist lifestyle. Periodically, articles will be posted on the Nudist Blog to explore the lifestyle and vacation options for nudists. The Nudist Blog aims to free people of their stigma and erase the ignorance associated with individuals who feel comfortable walking around nude. Individuals will be freed of their prejudices and inhibitions as they explore this alternative lifestyle that many find absolutely natural. Consider our Nudist Blog as a wealth of information on your journey to understanding naturism.

Some reasons why people practice nudism:

  • They are in a more relaxed and in touch with their “inner soul” when they are naked.
  • They feel “right” when they have no clothes on, and not so balanced when clothed.
  • They feel less inhibited in this state, as the class barriers fall away. A doctor, a king and a beggar are reduced to their purest and real selves when viewed without the clothes of their trades and professions. 
  • As flesh and bone we are all equal.Some nudists say that being without clothes releases the real them, and that clothes will suppress this.


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