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Topics - Guy & Carla Purcella
Written by nudistguyinco   
Wednesday, 03 July 2019 02:44
I have an idea for a series of What IF memes, like these, both in uncensored and censored versions. If you have ideas for short sayings like this that can make people question their faulty beliefs about nudity, post them below in the comments. 

These are meant to get people to question their beliefs about nudists, which are often totally incorrect by getting them to think 'What if' my beliefs are based on faulty information, and to get them to question why they think that way.  They are also meant to get society to question why we treat the human body as shameful and gross.

My New Concept for nudist education

My New Concept for nudist education

Let me know what you think, and what ideas you might have.

Thanks, Guy & Carla

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