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The Majority of Society Stigmatizes The Unknown  PDF Print E-mail
Topics - Happy Bare
Sunday, 24 August 2014 08:20

The Majority of Society Stigmatizes The Unknown  Originally posted on Freedom Fields Naturist Ranch:

This past weekend here at Freedom Fields Naturist Ranch an event was held to celebrate the 45th anniversary of Woodstock and we called it Freedom Festival. During our Festival we promoted healthy clothes free living alongside other like minded nudists and celebrated the music and times of Woodstock. We were honoured to have a special presentation surrounded the benefits of medical marijuana. Mr Al Graham presented a short documentary called “If Cannabis Could Cure Cancer?” Followed by a lengthy and informative Q & A period surrounding a topic for me that was quite educational.

As I sat back watching the weekend unfold it occurred to me that nether the nudist or marijuana was socially accepted and or illegal to many degrees. Why? was my major question. I watched these fun loving nudist thoroughly enjoying themselves without a care in the world. Not one among them was aggressive, violent, perverted, crude…

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The Majority of Society Stigmatizes The Unknown 

FG_AUTHORS: Happy Bare

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