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Tuesday, 22 May 2012 06:49

Each year, AANR presents awards to deserving people for their efforts in nude recreation. But you may not know that AANR also  gives out awards each year in other areas that promote and enhance the nudist lifestyle such as best club newsletter, best photograph in The Bulletin, best nudist website, best media article, and many others. The winning awards are presented each year at the AANR Convention, to be held this year at Lake Como in Lutz, Florida.

Do you have someone or something you would like to nominate in one of the categories below? If so, email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

5.01.02 Schofield Trophy Award:

This award is given to the nonlanded club that accumulates and documents the most mileage on visits to landed clubs. The following rules govern the award:

a. Only visits to landed clubs may be included in mileage totals.

b. Only landed clubs on the North American continent may be included in mileage totals.

c. Total mileage recorded by the nonlanded club is to be divided by the total number of

members of the club.

d. Mileage to nonlanded club functions are not to be included in mileage totals.

e. The time period covered shall be June 1 through May 31.

f. Documented submissions for this award must be received in the AANR office not later than June 10.

g. Only for the period that a member maintains basic membership within a club will the

mileage tabulation be valid for that club.

5.01.03 Man, Woman, Family of the Year Awards:

These honorary awards are presented for outstanding contributions in promoting and/or

furthering nudism in AANR. Only nominees who have made outstanding contributions to

AANR above and beyond the club level shall be eligible.

a. Nominations shall be submitted on the Honorary Award Nomination Form (see Official AANR Forms) to the AANR office. Nominations shall be limited to 400 words.

b. Any voting member may make one nomination for each category.

c. Nominees must be AANR voting members.

d. Each voting member in attendance at the annual membership meeting may cast one vote per category. Nominees need not be present to be selected.

e. A member may mark the ballot “none” if he believes that no eligible candidate has been nominated in any given category. A verbal announcement will be made just prior to the voting that “none” is a valid vote.

f. The candidate with the most votes in any category shall be declared the winner. If more

ballots in any category are marked “none” than marked for the candidate receiving the most votes, that award will not be given.

g. No person or family shall be eligible for the award if they received it the preceding year.

5.01.04 Young Man and Young Woman of the Year Awards:

These awards are based on the best essays written by AANR Youth under age 18 that detail what benefits the author has derived from being a nudist.

a. The winners of these awards shall be selected from all essays submitted prior to the

beginning of the membership meeting of the annual AANR convention.

b. The author of the winning essays will each receive $100 and a plaque.

c. Essays may be mailed, e-mailed or delivered to the AANR Youth coordinator at the

AANR convention.

c. The project will be judged on the basis of its success for the student and possible benefit to the nudist idea. One award may be given each year.

d. The award is a $300 cash award and a plaque.

5.01.06 Glen Eden Award:

This award is given to the AANR club that holds the most outstanding publicity event during the year.

5.01.07 Hal O’Neill Award:

The Hal O’Neill Outstanding Public Relations Award is awarded to a club that joins in a

community effort that results in the improvement of the club’s image as well as the image of nudism in general.

5.01.08 Art Schumann Award:

This award is given for best nudist reporting by a non-nudist reporter in a non-nudist


a. The award shall be forwarded to the club who submitted the article for personal

presentation to the winner.

b. AANR will fund this award in honor of Art Schumann’s service to and support of AANR.

5.01.09 Best Original Article in a Club Newsletter Award:

This award is given to the club whose newsletter is judged to have the most original article on any subject.

5.01.11 Ilsley Boone Best Club Newsletter Awards:

These awards are given to club newsletters deemed to be superior in one of four categories.

a. To be considered for this award, clubs must submit three different issues from the current year (May to May) to the AANR office.

b. All newsletters submitted will be placed into a category based on club membership as of the year-end membership report. The categories shall be Group A (10 to 50 members);

Group B (51 to 200 members); Group C (201 to 500 members); Group D (501 or more members).

c. Newsletters will be judged according to the published criteria (see Official AANR Forms).

d. An award may be given in each of the Groups A, B, C and D.

5.01.12 Serendipity Park Web Award.

This award recognizes Web sites that portray nude recreation in a positive way.

a. Web sites submitted for competition must:

1) Educate or inform about social nudism.

2) Demonstrate AANR affiliation.

b. Awards are made for the following:

1) Best Nudist Personal Web site: Awarded to a Webmaster who is an AANR voting


2) Best Professional Nudist Club Web site: Awarded to an AANR club whose Web site

is developed and maintained by a full-time professional Webmaster.

3) Best Amateur Nudist Club Web site: Awarded to an AANR Club whose Web Site is

developed and maintained by an amateur Webmaster.

c. Nominations for this award may be made by any AANR voting member or AANR club.  To submit a Web site for consideration, complete the “Best Nudism Web Site Nomination Form.” (see Official AANR Forms)

d. Web sites are judged according to the published criteria (see Official AANR Forms).

e. An award does not have to be given if the submission(s) do(es) not meet the criteria.

5.01.13 Public Relations Non-Nudist Media Awards:

These awards are given to encourage an increase in the number and quality of articles,

programs and photographs published in the non-nudist media. At the discretion of the Board, more than one award can be given in each category.

a. Awards will be given in six categories related to nudism:

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